517 – Dragons All The Way!

Welcome to Seitz Elementary SchoolHome of the Dragons! Thank you for joining us as work together to Train Our Dragons. Please know masks, covering the nose and mouth, are required on campus. We start and end each school day with an ‘all hands on deck’ approach. Every adult Dragon has a specific responsibility to properly supervise our students each day. Staff members are staged throughout the main hall, pods, and entire campus during arrival and dismissal to guide children safely. At the beginning of the school year staff members have a comprehensive list of students, identified by teacher and room number to ensure the safe arrival of each child in their classroom. To support our efforts, please practice with your child so he can confidently say his name and the name of his teacher before the first day of school. We make every effort to connect siblings that need to be connected at dismissal. If you have that need for your family, you must communicate the expectation with all teachers involved and all of your children. Consistent dismissal routines are the most effective way to provide safety for your child. Changes in dismissal routines should be limited and always communicated with all teachers involved prior to the day of the change.If your child walks to/from school it is important that you teach your child to use the crosswalks near the bridge at Eagle Pass. Our staff will be there to provide safe crossing each day at 7:55 and again at 3:30 p.m. Those parents who walk to/from school should use the crosswalks to model safety for our young Dragons. All walkers will need to be able to find the correct door for entering the school. We ask that you practice walking to/from school to help your child learn. Our behavior expectations are on the image for your knowledge and support. We teach SWAGGER to help our Dragons remember the rules. As you arrive on campus in a car, we want you to notice our many staff members who are outside to welcome you. Our staff members wear ID badges and often carry walkie-talkies to aid in communication from the front to the back of school. Each adult is a resource of support. Please let us know your questions. It is important that drivers pull all the way forward to unload their child. Doing this allows so many more families to unload safely at one time. Do remain parked in the drive thru lane until your child is supported by a staff member conducting a safe temperature check. To avoid morning routine delays for your family, please check your child’s temperature at home. Those students with a temperature of 100.3 and below are welcome to attend school.As children walk into school, drivers are encouraged to pass slowly on the left. At no time should any adult get out of the car in the drive thru lane. Our parking lot is available for those parents who need to assist children in safely getting out of the car. All children must be accompanied by their parent in the parking lot. One should never put a child in harm’s way by unloading without properly parking in the lot. We have two crosswalks to allow all to cross safely. We count on all adults to model safety for our children. Again, masks, covering the nose and mouth, are required on campus. Parents should clearly communicate with their child and teacher about the expectations from home about the need to eat breakfast at school. This year students who eat breakfast at school will have a grab and go breakfast which they will eat in their classroom. At Seitz Elementary school starts at 8:15 each day. We dismiss at 3:30 each day.As students arrive in the classroom each teacher takes attendance and notes those who are absent. If your child is going to absent from school, you need to communicate your child’s name and the reason for the absence with the school office. You can leave a message if you call after hours. Each adult, at home and school, plays a very important role in the life of each young Dragon’s life. We welcome you to be part of our school team. Please communicate with your child’s teacher using the Blooms app and call our office as you need. We look forward to a wonderful year as we work with you to foster the strength, resiliency, and adaptability of your child. Cheers to the new school year! 517—Dragons All the Way!